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Hetro Health | KICL

Updated: May 3, 2022

Lab to Leader: Driving Growth in Healthcare Companies through Disruptive Design


Clients: Hetro Health | Kothari Industrial Corporation Limited

Category: Product Design, Identity Design, UI/UX

The Brief

Creating strong digital B2B and B2C channels have become a norm in today's digital era especially with the COVID-19 pandemic. While people have been preventing the spread of the disease by staying home, there has been an exponential increase in the demand for healthcare products ranging from masks to pulse oximeters. To tap into this highly competitive market, we implemented a new strategy that involved designing popular lifestyle altering products for the COVID scenario that fall away from the norm of conventional healthcare products. This organic traffic was utilised in generating sales leads for the high in demand conventional PPE products with the use of competitive pricing and product bundling.


"The design integration used helps build more consumer-driven products which pave way for a market leader"

A. Sahabudeen, Vice-President Business Development, Kothari Industrial Corporation Limited

Creating Virtual E-Commerce Stores

Todays customers are accustomed to online B2C sales channels, and expect industrials to deliver the same seamless experience across platforms because COVID-19 has forced many companies to limit face-to-face interactions and increase online services, and that shift may become permanent. While industrials understand the importance of digitizing sales and marketing, its important to empathise with your customers through strong visuals and targetted ads.

E-commerce storefront with user targeted visuals for Hetro Health

An example of a visual graphic ad created for Hetro Health.


Focusing on targeted consumer needs

There are many businesses that are competing head to head in established categories such as the healthcare sector (for products like 3ply masks, IR thermometers, etc). A common differentiater for most of these businesses is the lack of focus on a targeted and unmet consumer need that would have turned out to have broad reach.

Contactless Door Handle

Doors are one of the most prominent contact points to the user. The Contactless Door Handle allows the user to pull or push the door open with a forearm. These hands-free solutions help us minimize the risk of contamination

Ear Protector for Masks

Masks have become a prevailing image of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Ear Protector offers relief to the ear from the pressure of the masks and its elastic bands. The skin behind the ear is sensitive and can get affected on constant exposure to masks


Using Design Thinking

By using empathy to uncover a users unmet needs, designing new solutions with customers and partners produces relevent results and a lasting effect. By integrating design thinking in product development, the customers needs are met in the form of low cost, long lasting and effective products. The brand positioning on these are product vital to make a long lasting impression on the customer.

A low-cost foot operated santiser stand made of cardboard for Kothari Healthcare designed by Karthick Rathinam

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