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TiE Singapore

Updated: May 3, 2022

Rebranding Asia's Largest Entreprenuership Eventco to Foster Virtual Engagement


Category: Branding, Social Media

The Brief

The global pandemic has taught us that hosting virtual events and virtual meetings has opened the door to a broader, more extensive audience - one that can log-in from different timezones or watch ‘on-demand’ at a more convenient later date. To tap into this, companies and firms need to work out how to promote virtual conferences and webinar with personalised marketing campaigns and branding techniques.


"Désavous has a keen sense of understanding the customer needs and delivers accordingly"

Sidhi Dhir, Executive Director, TiE Singapore

Design Language and Identity

TiE Singapore uses a strong colour scheme of shades of reds and black to communicate youthfulness, freshness, vibrancy, inclusiveness, ethnic and gender diversity as it generally attracts younger/millennial demographics, different ethnicities and more women.


Redesigning Programs

The idea behind redesigning the programs is the importance it builds in the brand in communicates your firm’s reputation and expertise, as well as its name. It must communicate your market positioning. Bringing these programs to an online interface involves bringing an approchable and familar design language for the users to be able to relate to the main TiE Identity.

Interactive Social Media Engagement

Program specific posters were created to market the programs across various social media platforms and also served to market the idea behind the program in relateable terms.


Event Posters

The firms event posters were kept under the TiE colour scheme to bring familiarity under the companies umbrella.

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