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Updated: May 3, 2022

Championing TEDx's countdown initiative through Identity Design and Campaign Marketing


Client: TEDxTiESG

Category: Identity Design, Social Media

The Brief

The TEDxCountdown is a global initiative to champion and accelerate solutions to the climate crisis, turning ideas into action. The goal: To build a better future by cutting greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2030 in the race to a zero-carbon world – a world that is safer, cleaner and fairer for everyone. This years TEDx event taking place in Singapore in association with TiE SG, was aimed at reaching out to a large audience covering corporates, students, investors and entrepreneurs. The Identity for the event was aimed at being 'inviting and friendly' to serve the largest audience possible in the APAC region.


Creating an Identity for the Event

The Identity for the TEDx event was based on the intent to drive a local conversation on the need of the hour with Climate Change and Sustainability focusing on Singapore as an APAC Hub. The identity was designed keeping in mind Singapore being known as the "Little Red Dot"

Red Hot Red Dot

The brand identity is carried out in the events main poster with a special emphasis to the rising temperatures particularly in the Singapore Sub-Continent


Influencer Marketing Strategy

The main strategy behind the marketing of the virtual event was to use influencer marketing and spread the message by creating noise within each and every speakers community. Speaker tiles were made for all speaker to share within their networks and click on the respective call-to-actions.

Social Media Buzz

Having regular updates over social media to create buzz is necessary to induce a "fear of missing out" within the community. It can apply to anything from a party on a Friday night to a promotion at work, but it always involves a sense of helplessness that you are missing out on something big.

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