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Introducing breakthrough technology in vision screening




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Messaging Strategy and Branding

The brief

Envision a world without compromised vision!


The first six months of a newborn's life hold immense potential for correcting vision-related problems. Silicon Valley startup, Pr3vent introduces a groundbreaking solution: A telemedicine test that offers sensitive, high resolution detection where images are evaluated by expert pediatric retinal specialist graders.


Our goal was to capture the essence of "The eyes are the windows to your baby's world," evoking a sense of playful curiosity while emphasizing the profound significance of vision in every aspect of a child's life, both big and small. Through captivating visuals and compelling storytelling, we aimed to create awareness among new parents about the importance of early vision screening. Our branding strategy sought to promote the life-changing opportunity of proactive vision screening for newborns, creating a strong and impactful connection between Pr3vent and its target audience.

Team: Yashasvini Gopalan, Tejas Gopalan, Vivek A, Pawan Kujur and Sasha Kumar


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