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Andaman & Nicobar Tourism

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

Building Naturally in a Natural Environment


Client: Andaman & Nicobar Tourism

Category: Branding, Identity Design

The Brief

Away from human activity, one can find themselves enveloped by the buzzing and chirping of birds and other forest organisms. The project aims to design a homestay on a hill amidst a forest in the vicinity of a stream and mangroves, incorporating elements of nature to sensorially engage and immerse the guests with the environment around them.


The Site as an Experience.

Set on a natural slope in a quiet pocket surrounded by forests one can hear the babbling stream hidden behind the mangroves and the chirps of exotic birds tucked away behind the lush green. Fade in rain.

Site Planning

Space Making in Harmony with the Natural Environment

Section 1 : Through the Main Entrance

The entrance is a series of platforms that ascend to the pool deck. It has passages leading to the residential suite and the common dining area. The platforms have locally made wooden furniture and function as a linear lounge.

Section 2 : Through the Common Dining and Shop.

The common dining room doubles as a shop so that guests can take a look at souvenirs as they wait for their meals. The room has four rainwater harvesting columns and ribbon windows to merge the inside and outside.

Section 3 : Through the Residential Suite

The passage from the entrance to the residential suite is through a courtyard. This part of the building also frames views of the stream and surrounding greenery.

Section 4 : Through the Deck and Residential Quarters

The infinity pool on the deck merges with the landscape. A staircase leads to a terrace for larger gatherings. All the rooms on this side of the building have large openings framing views of the trees and the stream.

Section 5 : Through the Guest Houses

The rooms have rammed earth walls and vaulted roofs to merge with the surroundings. The central steps have channeled roofs at different levels creating a cascade effect when it rains.

Section 6 : Through the Guest Houses

A narrow stepped passage leads to rooms on each side. The descending steps and low roof facing the forest gives the feeling of being inside a cozy cave.

Rainwater Harvesting Roof Structures

The roof structure plays with the water thereby channeling and collecting water while creating a surreal experience.

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