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Maternity Suite

The psychological effect of space on soon-to-be mothers.


Kauvery Hospital, Chennai


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Spatial Design | Illustrations

The brief

Kauvery Hospital was looking to create a maternity wing with the expansion of the gynecology department. As a result, a section of the general wards had to be remodeled to accommodate two labour suites, a natal ICU and a post-natal counseling room. The nurses, gynecologist and birthing counselor took us through the various biological procedures and the emotional experiences every stakeholder—the to-be-mother, the father (or whoever else is accompanying the mother), the doctors and nurses on duty.

After interviewing several mothers and to-be-mothers we studied the art exercises that pregnant women are often made to practice during their nine-month journey which often involved flowing lines resembling elements of nature.

Asset 3.png

How does the environment affect a woman in labour?

A soon-to-be mother goes through a nine-month emotional rollercoaster that reaches its peak at the time of birth. The concept behind the design of the two wards, the NICU and the counseling room was to use the elements of 'mother' nature—water, air, light and earth to tie together the entire experience of giving birth. The elements not only signify new life metaphorically but also creates a calm and meditative environment that reduces the anxiety that one usually experiences in a hospital environment. 

The artwork on the walls and the fabrics around the mother in labour depict the 'flow' of energy from nature. The flowing lines are studded with illustrative elements of new life and parenthood. Visuals of flowy lines and babies were shown to help the mother to attain a mental state that would help her focus on her contractions and look forward to the end goal of holding her baby.

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Asset 4.png

Creative Direction: Yashasvini Gopalan

Textiles: Sneha Chakrapani and Liza Fernandez

Illustration: Shriram Rajakumar

Art: Yamini Sujan

Project Management: Tejas Gopalan

Wallpaper: LifeNColors

Furniture: Bab Living


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