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We're a young team set out to explore new territories and move mountains.

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Yashasvini Gopalan

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Tejas Gopalan

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Désavous was founded in 2020, by Yashasvini Gopalan and Tejas Gopalan. What started as a space for multidisciplinary design collaboration for interior and product design evolved into a mission to work with startups to tell their impactful stories through words, visuals, objects and spaces.

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"Full stack creative"

Rather than diving in head first, we collaborate and conduct research to build a design strategy. A holistic view of the business scenario ensures that we create the most effective design output.

"Multidisciplinary approach"

A multidisciplinary approach ensures the collaboration of different perspectives from different fields and specializations. This ensures that all aspects of the problem are thoroughly analyzed and solved to create the most unique, most creative and most effectively designed outcome.

"Where design meets business"

It’s not just about pixel perfection, but thinking about how to create engagement, improve processes, add services and strategize new areas of revenue. We use design thinking methods to solve problems, understand your users and generate new growth. 

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We are a multidisciplinary collective united by a desire to employ strategic design and innovation to create a positive impact.

Our growing team consists of network of designers, architects and engineers from National Institute of Design, School of Architecture and Planning, Centre of Environmental Planning and Technology, Anna University,  IIT Madras and University of Rhode Island. We bring together learnings and skills from our diverse backgrounds through a collaborative approach which helps create the best possible solution in every situation.

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Origin: French 
/déza vu/

design + to you = bringing design to you



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